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Danny Elfman’s 2002 Spider-Man score is getting a vinyl release

Good news for comic book loving hipsters Danny Elfman's original 2002 score for the first Spider-Man movie is finally heading to vinyl

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

Danny Elfman’s original score for the first Spider-Man movie is finally heading to vinyl. That’s right, the music that made you fall in love with the Wallcrawler will soon be available in the hippest of formats (take that MP3!).

The news was announced on the Spider-Man movie’s official Instagram page. “Danny Elfman’s original 2002 Spider-Man score is getting a vinyl release for the first time ever,” the product description reads. “Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the OG Spidey by pre-ordering the soundtrack on your choice of gold, silver or black 180-gram coloured vinyl housed in a soft-touch gatefold jacket with UV spotgloss cover, two-sided poster insert and printed sleeves.”

Elfman’s score is a popular one, so popular in fact that a number of fans commented on the post that it’s the best music from the best movie. While we don’t quite agree with that, the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the better film and has a better score; it’s a close second in our hearts.

Fun fact about Elfman’s Spidey score: the drumbeats that have become synonymous with the music are inspired by African drummers who Elfman met while touring Africa for inspiration.

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While most fans were pleased to hear about the score’s release, some did try and co-opt the post. Judging from the number of people writing “release Spider-Man 4“, it seems that they were hoping to pressure Sony into bringing Raimi back to make a fourth Spider-Man film.

It’s good to have a dream, people but remember, Spidey is part of the MCU now, and we don’t see the House of Mouse wanting another Marvel movie featuring the Wallcrawler confusing the continuity.

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