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Kate Arrington and Michael Shannon can’t watch their new horror movie

Kate Arrington and her real-life husband Michael Shannon are so afraid of horror movies they can't even watch their new movie Night's End

Kate Arrington and Michael Shannon can't watch their new horror movie

Kate Arrington stars in the new indie horror movie Night’s End, along with her real-life husband, Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water). But, Arrington says the couple are so afraid of horror movies that they haven’t even been able to watch their new film yet, and probably never will.

Night’s End is essentially a haunted house movie for the modern age, told almost entirely through the medium of video calls and laptops. The new ghost movie stars Geno Walker, Kate Arrington, and Michael Shannon, and is directed by up-and-coming horror filmmaker Jennifer Reeder. The movie has just hit streaming service Shudder.

In a recent interview with The Digital Fix, we asked Arrington about her preparation for the role and whether she had researched ghost-hunting at all. The actor revealed that she can’t bring herself to watch any videos about ghosts as she is too afraid. In fact, both Arrington and her husband Michael Shannon, are so scared of horror movies that they can’t bring themselves to watch Night’s End, or any horror movie for that matter.

“I had to pretend [Night’s End] wasn’t even about what it’s about, because I can’t even deal with any of that stuff,” Arrington explains. “I’ve never even finished a horror movie in my life, including this one, to tell you the truth,” she added.

“So, no, I did zero research, because I literally can’t. I’ve never, ever managed to watch anything scary,” Arrington admits. “Michael is kinda the same. He might be even worse than me,” the actor concludes.

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Kate Arrington has also appeared in the Sky drama series Mare of Easttown, worked with Martin Scorsese on The Irishman, and has appeared in multiple projects with her husband Michael Shannon, too.