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Seth Rogen’s mom has emailed a film studio to get his movie made

Comedy actor, Seth Rogen, has revealed on social media how his mom once emailed a "major movie studio" to help one of his films get made

Seth Rogen's mom has emailed a film studio to get his movie made

When things go wrong in life, there always tends to be one sure-fire fix – get your mom to sort it out. Seth Rogen is evidently a firm believer in this philosophy as the star took to social media to reveal that his mother, Sandy Rogen, apparently emailed the head of a “major movie studio”. Why, you ask? Well, to make sure that one of her 39-year-old son’s films get made, of course.

That’s right; it looks like Seth Rogen has bagged himself a “momager” who is willing to chase up on floating projects. Posting to Twitter, the filmmaker let his followers know the funny story and his mother’s dedication to his career. “Did my mother just email the head of a major movie studio to get them to hurry up and green light our movie?” the actor wrote. “Yes. Yes she did.”

Currently, it is unclear what this mystery movie is, or which studio Rogen is referencing in the Tweet. As of April 2022, the star has a number of projects in the works, so trying to figure out the subject of Sandy’s email without any hints is tricky, to say the least.

You can read Seth Rogen’s Tweet below:

Besides voicing Donkey Kong in the upcoming animated movie Super Mario Bros., Rogen is also on board to produce a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The filmmaker is also connected to several upcoming TV series, such as Darkwing Duck.

Rogen hasn’t disclosed if Sandy’s efforts paid off, or if the movie in his Tweet refers to one of his now assigned projects. Either way, it has provided us with some solid Twitter comedy and shows that you are never too old or successful to ask your mom to help you out when you need it.