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Scream season 3 would have been inspired by The Silence of the Lambs

The showrunners of Scream: The TV Series season two have been discussing their detailed plans for a third and fourth season that never came to fruition

Scream The TV Series

Scream has been the talk of the town in 2022, with the new movie, confusingly called Scream coming out to big screens everywhere. However, some fans were still hoping for closure on MTV’s Scream: The TV Series, which ran for two seasons between 2015-2016. A rebooted third season, with new cast and showrunners, aired in 2019.

Now, the second season’ showrunners, Michael Gans and Richard Register, have revealed what their plans were for seasons three and four, had they continued. Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, Gans said; “We pitched this kind of Silence of the Lambs thing. Someone was doing [the killings] at Kieran’s bidding, and the only person he would tell what was going on to was Emma. So she came in, and they had to sit face-to-face, and meanwhile people are being killed. So they’re in a race against time to stop this from happening, all the while she’s sitting with him.”

“During the two-part season finale, the last characters standing would have been Emma, Noah, and the escaped Kieran, all facing off with one another in an abandoned farmhouse just outside of Lakewood. Noah is killed, but Emma gets the drop on Kieran and finally kills him.”

In true Scream fashion, things then would have got meta; “As Kieran is shown dead in a pool of his own blood – CUT!” Pull back to reveal that we’re on the set of Scream: The Television Series. The actors hug, and mentions of the wrap party are made. “The killer is killed,” Register says, “then we pull back [to reveal it’s a TV production]. Amadeus Serafini [the actor who plays Kieran] walks into his dressing room, and is killed again.”

While we didn’t eventually get Gans and Register’s vision for the remaining season, or seasons, of Scream: The TV Series, we did get Scream (5) and will be getting a Scream 6 (or whatever imaginative name they come up with for it). And it’s already been given a release date of March 2023.

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