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New Sailor Moon anime movies announced, coming 2023

Sailor Moon Cosmos will end the popular magical girl animated series with a pair of anime movies, due to premiere in Japan in 2023, Toei has announced

Sailor Moon Cosmos

New Sailor Moon anime movies are in development, and it could be the concluding chapter for the magical heroes. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos has been revealed by Toei Animation, and it’ll cover the last arc of the manga.

Toei animation made the announcement on Twitter, sharing the first teaser for Cosmos, and a new poster. As is typical of the franchise, the animation is gorgeous, with the montage narrated by Usagi Tsukino, also known as the eponymous Sailor Moon. Details are vague, but we get to the other Guardians, and it seems very romantic and sweeping, which is fitting if it’s the end of it all.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos will stretch across two parts, both coming out in the summer of 2023 in Japan. This is the same model used for Sailor Moon Eternal, the previous installment, which came out in Japan in 2019, before coming to Netflix in English-speaking territories in 2021. It’s possible Cosmos could do the same, however, Sailor Moon Crystal, the last anime series, went to Crunchyroll, and since this is the big ending, Toei might want to do a theatrical run to make it feel like an event.

As much has worked for Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia thus far. In any case, we’ll have to wait until 2023 at the earliest before we see it in full.

This is good timing too, since Sailor Moon just turned 30. The animated series premiered in March 1992, catapulting the popular manga by Naoko Takeuchi to worldwide fandom. We’ve had two animated shows so far, the original and Sailor Moon Crystal, one live-action series, and five animated movies to date.

If you’d like to right back to the start, you can find Sailor Moon on Hulu in the US.