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Ryan Gosling has one regret, and it involves Girl Scout cookies

Ryan Gosling is always an absolute treat when he's doing any press tour for a movie, as recently seen with Barbie, but 10 years ago he was just as funny.

Ryan Gosling cookies

Ryan Gosling could have many regrets in life – not getting to make a Haunted Mansion movie with Guillermo del Toro must be up there. Taking it upon himself to gain a lot of weight for a role in a Peter Jackson movie that no one asked him to and being fired before filming even began might be another. Wearing a Darfur T-shirt while receiving the MTV Best Kiss Award may be considered a mistake by some. But no, Ryan Gosling‘s one life regret involves Girl Scout cookies.

While promoting Gangster Squad in January 2013, Gosling told Jimmy Kimmel; “I was walking out of Ralphs one day and I saw these kids who were trying to sell their cookies, and I was like; ‘I’ll take ’em all!’ So I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes, I didn’t realize how many boxes I was gonna have. I had a car full of them, I didn’t know what to do. So I started just like throwing them out of the window to people on the street [audience starts clapping]. No, don’t celebrate that.”

Gosling continued; “At the time, I thought ‘this must be what Santa Claus feels like.’ I would pull up to people at the stoplight and I would just throw cookies, you know. And then I looked at this one person, who was looking at me, and I realized that through their eyes, I was not Santa Claus, I just a creepy cookie guy. Like ‘who is this guy? what happened to the Girl Scouts? why does he have all their cookies?’ I regret it. I still have a bunch left.”

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Ryan Gosling really is the prince of press tours, as could be seen recently when he channeled Kenergy throughout all of his Barbie interviews. And let us not forget the best interview of all time, when Gosling and Harrison Ford were interviewed for Blade Runner 2049 by the wonderful Alison Hammond. We just hope that Gosling also regrets not making The Nice Guys 2, because we need a sequel to the best comedy movie of the last decade.

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