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Ryan Gosling dancing in shiny trousers aged 12 video goes viral

A video of a young Ryan Gosling has re-immerged dancing and wearing shiny purple parachute pants

Young Ryan Gosling video goes viral

It turns out Ryan Gosling had a well of dancing experience before his time boogieing in the musical movie La La Land. A video of a twelve-year-old Gosling dancing while wearing shiny purple pants has recently re-emerged and gone viral – proving that the star has been shimmying his way into the spotlight for decades.

Today, Gosling is one of the big names in Hollywood, having starred in hit flicks, such as the romance movie The Notebook and the science fiction movie Blade Runner 2049. However, it seems like acting wasn’t what first kickstarted his journey towards being a household name. Before making it big in the world of cinema, the star appeared on “some kind of Canadian star talent show” as part of a dance troupe where his moves propelled him into the finals.

Recently, The Film Zone found the 1992 footage from said Canadian competition and posted the clip on Instagram for followers and fans to enjoy. The video shows a young Gosling front and centre, giving it his all as he tears up the dancefloor in his purple sparkly parachute pants.

This isn’t the first time Gosling’s childhood dance experience has been brought to the public. In 2017, the star revealed on The Graham Norton Show that he still remembers “the cutthroat business” of competitive dancing. In the interview, the star recalled how his main competition back in the ’90s was two tap-dancing twins dancing to Phil Collin’s Two Hearts.

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“I was getting ready to start,” Gosling said. “And I look offstage, and the two twins are standing there, like the twins from The Shining, and they’re just going like this [giving a middle finger]. And I was like, ‘all right; this means war.'”

The actor went on to share how he won a “tiny trophy” for his energetic performance. The story almost seems poetic as the star would go on to bag a big trophy at the Golden Globes Awards for Best Actor for his performance in La La Land.

Although Gosling is obviously an expert dancer, we are happy to see him stick with acting. Currently, the actor is set to star in a number of upcoming films, including the remake of the classic monster movie, The Wolf Man, titled Wolfman.