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Prey director thinks Predator fans haven’t thought of best sequel idea

The newest Predator movie was a huge success, and has fans thinking about possible sequels to Prey, but the best idea hasn't been found yet

Amber Midthunder in Prey

The latest instalment in the Predator franchise has been a roaring success, with the monster movie Prey drawing in plenty of viewers and lots of praise upon its release to streaming services earlier this year. Ever since, fans have been conjuring up ideas for the next Predator movie but Dan Trachtenberg, the director of Prey, says the best idea for a sequel hasn’t been thought of yet.

Prey takes us back in time, to the Northern Great Plains in North America in 1719 to be precise, long before the original Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of 1987. In our Prey review, we described the alien movie as the best Predator film since that original, and with the success of the release, there’s every chance we will get more stories like it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a deadly beast from outer space thrown into different points in human history to do battle with whatever warrior it can find?

Speaking on the Radio One’s Screen Time podcast, Trachtenberg says he has seen the ideas for a Prey 2 floating around, but he still thinks the best idea is yet to be found.

“I would like to be involved, and I think there’s several really cool things to do next, and it would be interesting to embark on a few different things, rather than… And I think some of the more exciting ideas are ones that people aren’t considering, you know? Just as this movie was a, like, ‘I can’t believe they haven’t made this yet,’ there’s a few other ideas out there, for me, that are, like, ‘Oh, they haven’t done this yet. This could be cool.’ So, yeah. That moment [of inspiration] may have already been had,” Trachtenberg said.

We’ve seen fans positing the ideas for a Predator movie where the monster faces off against ancient samurai, medieval knights, or Viking warriors. We love them all, but it sounds like Trachtenberg has something up his sleeve.

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One thing’s for sure, the ending to the new horror movie certainly sets up the possibility for a sequel. Only time will tell if that happens, and if Trachtenberg is the one to bring his ideas to the table again.

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