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Pokémon reboot trailer hints at new anime series villain

A mysterious figure with black-and-white hair could be the new main villain in the Pokémon reboot, and he could be after Liko and Roy's artefacts.


Things are hotting up for the Pokémon reboot, which will not feature Ash Ketchum – as he has been retired as a character after 25 years. The reboot series begins on April 14 in Japan, with an hour-long special. A new trailer hints at who might be a possible villain, or at least rival, to main character Liko and her Pokémon Sprigatito.

The potential new anime villain is a man with two-toned black and white hair, who seems to be partnered with the new Pokémon Ceruledge, which is said to be created by donning armour cursed with grudges. So that definitely sounds on the darker side of Pokémon, and he does appear to be battling Liko in the trailer. Also featured is Professor Friede, shown riding a Charizard, and his Captain Pikachu (who will seemingly be voiced by Ikue Ohtani, as always).

Main characters Liko and Roy are each in position of a mysterious artefact. Liko has a shiny gold pendant and Roy has a Pokéball which looks as if it’s made of some kind of ancient gold, as it’s much darker. These are both presumably rare and coveted items that could have special powers, so it’s easy to see why someone might be after them.

Unfortunately, there is currently no international release date for the Pokémon reboot, but it will presumably come to Pokémon TV before long – as it’s the home of most of the best anime series. If you’re wondering where to watch Pokémon – some seasons can currently be found on Netflix and some on Amazon Prime.

It’s the end of an era, as Ash – who of course was always paired with Pikachu – has retired, but not before achieving his dream of becoming World Champion. Ash’s long-term rivals Team Rocket have also retired, so there’s no more Jesse, James or Meowth either.

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