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Captain Pikachu is coming to Pokemon anime, wearing an adorable hat

Ash and Pikachu may have retired, along with Team Rocket, but a new iteration of Pikachu will be coming to a new Pokemon series and it seems he's a pilot.

Captain Pikachu

The first images and trailer for the new Ash-less iteration of the Pokémon TV series have been released, and they have provided clues to some of the new characters. As we reported yesterday, the new anime villain appears to a black-and-white haired mysterious man who is teamed with a Pokémon called Ceruledge.

And Pikachu will be back, but in a new Captain Pikachu form and it looks as though he will be piloting an airship. He’s been a detective, now he’s a pilot…where will it end, Pikachu?! The Captain’s hat that Pikachu wears has a gold insignia with a pair of wings on it, which certainly indicates that it’s a pilot’s hat.

Journalist Joe Merrick said on Twitter that the emblem has been trademarked by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak, which indicates that Captain Pikachu and his adorable little hat will crossover to the games.

One of the main images released for the upcoming show features the new anime characters – Liko and Roy – who are each in possession of a mysterious artefact. This is probably what the shadowy black-and-white character is after. Professor Friede is shown riding a Charizard, and he is the one who will be paired with Captain Pikachu. A glimpse of the strange and large airship can be seen behind the Charizard.

Unfortunately, there is currently no international release date for the Pokémon reboot, but it will presumably come to Pokémon TV before long – as it’s the home of most of the best anime series. If you’re wondering where to watch Pokémon – some seasons can currently be found on Netflix and some on Amazon Prime.

It’s the end of an era, as Ash – who of course was always paired with Pikachu – has retired, but not before achieving his dream of becoming World Champion. Ash’s long-term rivals Team Rocket have also retired, so there’s no more Jesse, James or Meowth either.

While we wait to hear when those of us outside of Japan can watch the new Pokemon series, check out our guide to the best anime movies.