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Percy Jackson season one will be eight episodes long

Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson books, has provided another update on the upcoming Disney Plus TV series, saying there will be eight episodes

Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson books, has been providing regular updates on the upcoming Disney Plus TV series adaptation. Unlike the two movies which were released in the early 2010s, Riordan is heavily involved in the show, giving fans hope that it will stay more faithful to the books.

Riordan’s latest update has confirmed how many episodes will be in the first season, which is eight. The show is expected to go into production in June 2022 in Vancouver and because it is high fantasy, it will presumably have a high budget.

Percy Jackson is based on the Greek myths, with Jackson discovering he is son of Poseidon and teaming up with other demigods at Camp Half-Blood. Jackson’s life is under threat, and he starts various quests that see him facing myths, monsters, prophecies and battles. There are five books in the main book series, and Riordan hopes there will be five seasons of the show. As there will be eight episodes to focus on each book, they will be able to include many fan favourite moments which were cut from the movies.

Riordan’s latest update says; “Script work is also coming along nicely. We have scripts for the first four episodes pretty much done, and are hard at work on the remaining four of season one. The writers’ room continues.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting casting news for the show. While everyone agrees the movies could have been better, Logan Lerman was a popular choice for Percy. Other high-profile cast-members included Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, Rosario Dawson, Alexandra Daddario and Steve Coogan.

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