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Mia Goth went through incredible make-up process for A24 horror movie

Mia Goth, the horror queen of 2022, went through an unbelievable make-up process to play the elderly antagonist Pearl in Ti West's horror movie X

Mia Goth in X

There is absolutely no doubt that Mia Goth can be crowned the Horror Queen of 2022, even before the year is over. She has starred in no less than three horror movies this year alone, and she has played characters who range from children to elderly ladies.

In the Netflix horror animated movie The House, Goth plays Mabel – a child who is around 8 years old. In Ti West’s 70s-set horror movie X, which was released in March, Goth plays a young aspiring actress and porn star named Maxine. But more extraordinarily, she also plays the antagonist Pearl – who is an 80 year old woman. And in the newly-released A24 movie Pearl, Goth plays the same character when she was around 20 years old in 1918.

Most members of the audience who watched X when it was released earlier this year didn’t even realise that Goth was playing dual roles in that movie, because the make up was so impressive. In a video released on Twitter, you can see the extensive process that Goth went through for hours in the make up chair, and hear how it helped her get into the character.

Goth’s voice can be heard saying; “I actually loved the time in the chair, because it really helps me with getting into character. Sometimes, it’s even eight hours – when we have to do the full arms, it’s especially long – but it’s useful to centre myself and get ready for the day and think of everything I’m getting myself ready for. The more that you have on, the more restrictive it starts to feel. It’s actually quite useful to have that sensation.”

The make up work is extremely impressive. The artists add a mottling effect to the skin, as well as liver spots, blemishes and other signs of aging. Goth completely disappears under the latex and other make up used, until she’s an entirely convincing elderly lady by the end.

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