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People reveal the worst movie takes they’ve heard, and they’re amazing

On the r/movies subreddit, users revealed some of the hot takes they overheard from some of the most best movies ever made. And none of them are good.

bad movie take reddit: crying margot robbie in barbie

You ever hear a movie take so bad that it makes you want to shrivel up and die? That was the hot topic of conversation on Reddit recently, as members of the r/movies subreddit recounted how certain takes on Oppenheimer reminded them of some similarly-atrocious film takes.

The post, which has over 11,000 upvotes, asked the 31.5 million members of the subreddit to share some of the “worst movie takes” they’d ever come across. It was inspired by YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul going viral after proclaiming that he didn’t like Christopher Nolan movie Oppenheimer because there was “just talking.”

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), Redditors delivered with some of the worst movie takes they’d ever come across: takes which will no doubt force you to look at both old classics and new movies in an entirely new way.

One Redditor recounted some harsh criticism he heard about King Kong — a film widely considered to be one of the best monster movies of all time. “My uncle in Sri Lanka really pushed hard for us to go see a film once when I was there back in 2005,” they recalled. “Spent a lot of time afterwards complaining that it wasn’t realistic. The film? Peter Jackson’s King Kong.”

As it turns out, a number of Redditors knew people who had beef with King Kong, as another commenter recounted how his ex’s father once remarked that King Kong was “ridiculous” because “gorillas don’t get that big.”

When moviegoers weren’t grumbling over fictional gorillas, they were apparently lamenting how “blurry” certain films are — which would’ve been fine if the films in question weren’t 3D, and they didn’t forget their 3D glasses.

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“After leaving Avatar 3D in 2009, we overheard someone say ‘Why was it so blurry?’, for them to be asked ‘Didn’t you wear the glasses?'” one comment read. “Dude sat through 3 hours of blurred film.” Another Redditor, recalling the release of a movie based on the Nativity, explained how his father lambasted the Biblical film for being too “predictable.”

Not all the bad movie takes were hearsay, though. Some were more closer to home, as another Reddit user recalled how someone on this very subreddit criticized Jaws for “not explaining in detail” why Brody was scared of water.

Clearly, even the best movies of all time aren’t immune to criticism. Just don’t expect that criticism to make a lot of sense. For more discourse-heavy films, check out our listicles detailing the best James Cameron movies, best Steven Spielberg movies, best thriller movies, best drama movies, and the highest-grossing movies of all time.