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Adam West once made fun of Nicolas Cage’s acting

We all know Nicolas Cage has massive talent, but he remembers when legendary actor Adam West made fun of him for one of his performances.

Nicolas Cage remembers when Adam West made fun of his acting

Nicolas Cage has presumably developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to criticism of his performances. Although the actor undoubtedly has massive talent, he has certainly had his fair share of questionable roles in the past. But, one bit of criticism in particular sticks in Cage’s memory, when legendary actor Adam West made fun of his performance in the action movie Kick-Ass.

During an AMA with Cage on Reddit, one fan asked if Adam West’s portrayal of Batman was the biggest influence on the Kick-Ass character, Big Daddy. The question clearly stirred some traumatic memories for Cage, as he recalls West’s light-hearted criticism of his performance and attempts at imitating the iconic actor’s heroic role.

“I would give it all to Adam West. I grew up watching him on the ’60s Batman show and he is where it begins and where it ends as Big Daddy,” Cage revealed. A lovely sentiment, and a great insight into his preparation for the role, but Adam West wasn’t sold.

“I met Adam West once and I said, ‘did you see I was channelling you?’ and he said ‘I saw you TRY to channel me,'” Cage added. They do say, never meet your heroes.

We are sure West was joking, of course. Both Cage and West seem like very nice fellas, and the fact that Cage based his whole performance on the latter was no doubt appreciated by West. Given the quality of Kick-Ass, and indeed Cage’s performance, it’s hard to imagine many people criticising it.