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One of the best 2021 horror movies is jumping up the Netflix charts

Netflxi recently added one of the best horror movies of the last few years, and fans are discovering the picture in droves according to the platform charts.

The Deep House

Netflix consistently has great horror movies, and now an underrated highlight is available on the service. The Deep House, a ghost movie that takes place almost entirely underwater can now be streamed, and fans are already getting well into it.

The thriller movie, made by French terror maestros Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, features a pair of divers Ben and Tina, who decide to explored a preserved house at the bottom of a lake for their YouTube channel. Travelling from New York to France for the opportunity, all goes well until some spooky happenings in the building, then it becomes clear their lives are very much in danger.

Take your standard monster movie, and put all the anxiety of a limited air supply on top, and you The Deep House. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can bear it, a supremely well made film is your reward.

Chilling as is, The Deep House becomes yet more impressive when you consider the set was an actual house built and submerged on a large studio space. It’s a marvel, and the first time the filmmakers worked under such circumstances.

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You can enjoy it on Netflix now, where it’s trending seventh in the UK charts. Obviously, quite a few enthusiasts of what goes bump in the night got curious and told their friends. Now we’re telling you!

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