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Godzilla vs Kong star says her role”completely changed” before release

Godzilla vs Kong star Eiza González has claimed her role in the new monster movie was "completely changed" in the edit during a recent interview

Eiza Gonzalez in Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong star Eiza González has claimed her role in the new monster movie was “completely changed” in the edit. Gonzalez revealed this during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her role in the action movie Ambulance.

“My role completely changed in [Godzilla vs Kong], for sure,” González explained. ” A lot of the story got cut out, and the story was completely changed, so it was a bummer because my character had a whole different storyline that went in different routes.” González puts part of these changes down to Jessica Henwick getting cut out of the film but added that really the focus had to be on the monsters.

“Jessica [Henwick] getting cut out of the movie really affected all of the other characters,” she continued.  “But it wasn’t anything to do with Jessica’s character. It was just that the storyline changed because the movie is called Godzilla vs Kong and it obviously has to service them.” Still, González feels no real enmity towards her giant co-stars.

“They’re the big stars,” she joked. “But listen, I’m just grateful that I got to do a really fun movie. So my experience was really good, but that’s just par for the course, sometimes.”

Godzilla vs Kong was one of a number of movies that got seriously disrupted by the 2020 pandemic. It was originally set for a November 2020 release but was delayed until March 2021. Still, the wait worked in the film’s favour, and it grossed over $468.2 million at the worldwide box office, making it the eighth biggest film of 2021.

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