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Mike Flanagan is making a new Stephen King movie, and it sounds great

Mike Flanagan is heading back to the big screen as the horror filmmaker sets his sights on making a new Stephen King movie starring the likes of Mark Hamill.

Mike Flanagan is making a new Stephen King movie, and it sounds great

Two masters of horror are coming together for an all-new thriller movie. According to Deadline, the creator of hit horror series such as The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan, is taking a crack at adapting another Stephen King novel for the big screen.

The publication reports that Tom Hiddleston and Star Wars cast alumnus Mark Hamill will star in the upcoming horror movie, which will be based on King’s short story The Life Of Chuck. For those who may not know, The Life Of Chuck is part of the author’s 2020 anthology novel, If It Bleeds, and tells the biography of Charles Krantz in reverse.

Beginning with his death, fans will see Charles’ life from his brain tumour to his eerie childhood in a haunted house. Sounds right up Mike Flanagan‘s creepy street, doesn’t it?

The new movie is set to be one of the hot titles up for sale at the upcoming Cannes market. Not only has it got two of the best actors in Hollywood attached to it, but its script was also penned prior to the 2023 Writers Strike.

Since scripts may become rarer as the strikes continue – the 2007 Writers Strike lasted for 100 days – flicks such as The Life of Chuck will be in high demand.

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The project is also said to tonally resemble some of the best movies of all time, such as Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. So really, it sounds like an all-around winner.

The Life of Chuck is the latest project to join a bumper Cannes market slate for FilmNation. Other titles in the pool are Dave Bautista’s action movie The Cooler and the Andrew Garfield movie Voyager.

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