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Your new Captain America has no idea what the multiverse is

A new interview with Anthony Mackie sees him explain how Sam Wilson differs from Steve Rogers, and also his relatable confusion regarding the multiverse.

Captain America

A new interview with Anthony Mackie, our new Captain America, sees him discussing how Sam Wilson differs from Steve Rogers, and also that he’s just as confused by Marvel‘s multiverse as the rest of us.

Ahead of Captain America 4, Mackie reminded us that there’s one major difference between Rogers (who was of course played by Chris Evans) and his buddy Wilson. He may have inherited the iconic vibranium shield, but he lacks superpowers. Wilson has not been injected by super serum, and instead relies on mechanical enhancement – not unlike Iron Man.

“It’s more about his ability to connect and counsel,” Mackie told Inverse. “He’s not as rash to bear arms as Steve Rogers was. Having a super serum makes you impossible to beat, so your answer to everything is to fight it out. Whereas Sam Wilson can actually die pretty easily. He definitely has the ability to…give people words of encouragement so that they’re not forced to action. The physical aspect of it is the last resort.”

Mackie explains where Wilson is at the end of Disney Plus Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; “He realized that his ability is not to change the world with force; it’s about giving people the wherewithal and the recognition that they deserve so that they can make a change. I can go around and beat up people all day; it won’t matter. Those people are going to come right back and do the same shit.”

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Thankfully, it sounds as though the multiverse won’t be central to Captain America 4, which recently underwent a title change. As Mackie says; “I’m still trying to figure out the Marvel-verse, or whatever. I don’t know. I don’t even know what the multiverse is. Dude, I have no idea what it is. I’m still trying to figure that shit out.”

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