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The worst Marvel movie is currently #1 on Netflix

After it's release onto the Netflix streaming service, the critically panned Marvel vampire movie Morbius is trending at number one

Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius in Morbius

It is, in fact, still Morbin’ time over in the US, as the vampire superhero movie trends at number one. The film was released onto the streaming service Netflix this week, and has shot straight to the number one spot. Clearly, audiences are desperate for the summer of Morbius to never end.

The comic book thriller movie has beaten out every other movie on Netflix to the top spot. But let’s be honest, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than them. In fact, we’re sure it doesn’t mean that.

Morbius was a critical flop, though it performed moderately well at the box office. A portion of those box-office results will have come from the memes that spawned from the movie’s reputation. The movie suffered from poor dialogue, script writing, performances, and visual effects. Further, it’s connection to the wider Sony-MCU universe was criticised as being nonsensical, too.

Our own Morbius review was less than positive, describing Morbius as “lazy, cheap, and tactless”, and a rare movie that gets the “fundamental element of filmmaking so painfully wrong.” So, perhaps it’s that morbid fascination that has seen the action movie propelled to the number one spot on Netflix.

Maybe all the people who didn’t want to waste money on watching the movie in theatres, but were curious to see how bad it could be, are those who have given the movie its second wind.

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And, look: no one can stop you from watching Morbius. It may be mercifully short compared to other MCU movies, but for your own sake, watch something else. Watch anything else.

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