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Ms Marvel has two She-Hulk MCU Easter eggs you missed

An extremely eagle-eyed Marvel fan has found a surprising link between Ms Marvel and She-Hulk by spotting two villains in the background of an episode

Titania in She-Hulk

After nearly 15 years of the MCU, the movies and now TV shows have only become more inter-connected as time has gone on. Marvel fans get as much pleasure – if not more – from spotting Easter eggs and cameos as they do from the actual content.

While the plot and characters of Ms Marvel were mostly standalone, Kamala being a big fan of Captain Marvel and the Avengers meant that there were still plenty of fun things to spot. This was especially true in the first episode, when Kamala and her bestie Bruno went to Avengers Con.

She-Hulk has also become known for a plethora of Marvel references, which directly address internet rumours such as “is Steve Rogers a virgin?” and have even mentioned Wolverine. MCU fans have proven extremely dedicated and ready with a trigger-finger on the pause button, and a magnifying glass to hand in order to pore over every detail of every frame looking for clues. And one such internet detective has found two She-Hulk Easter eggs in an episode of Ms Marvel.

The first episode of Ms Marvel had a mid-credits scene in which the Department of Damage Control are seen looking at footage of Kamala using her powers for the first time, and concluding that they need to bring her in. Some unbelievably eagle-eyed reddit user has spotted photos of two She-Hulk villains – Titania and Mr Immortal – on the notice board in the background.

We don’t know if it’s one person’s job to come up with ideas for Marvel Easter eggs and litter them throughout the production design of the movies and shows, but it seems like it must be a full-time task! It doesn’t matter how small or blurry something is, a fan somewhere will spot it!

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