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One of the biggest Marvel movie stars didn’t even want to audition

Ahead of the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 release date, find out which Marvel movie actor from across the MCU's cast didn't want to audition for their role.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers Age of Ultron

You’d think being up for a part in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie would be a joyous thing for any actor, but apparently, that wasn’t the case for one MCU star who is now a major part of Marvel’s Phase 5.

Casting for lead Marvel characters is, unsurprisingly, an arduous yet rewarding process. Being the next Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Paul Rudd doesn’t sound too bad.

For this actor — and his director, funnily enough — there was some hesitation, however. And things could have gone in an entirely different direction.

She puts it happening down to “fortuitious timing”, where the two briefly shared a room. She had Pratt read the role, and the answer was obvious. Had Gunn and Pratt not changed their minds, Glenn Howerton of Always Sunny may have been Star-Lord — he was the Guardians of the Galaxy director’s second choice. And we can’t lie, we have a morbid curiosity about that alternate universe casting.

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