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Moon Knight’s place in MCU timeline explained

Moon Knight will apparently be a self-contained mini-series without worrying about the wider MCU too much, but we now have a clue about when it occurs

Moon Knight timeline

New Disney Plus show Moon Knight (starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke) may be part of the ever-expanding MCU, but is set to be a self-contained mini-series without too much concern for crossing over with other characters or stories. Until now, it’s been unclear when the show even takes place – which has left fans wondering if this is a post-snap world, a post-blip world, or before both?

As we get nearer to the launch date of March 30, the marketing is hotting up and Disney have released another thirty-second tease called “Secret Agent.” With it being so short, it doesn’t reveal much, but does provide a clue as to when Moon Knight occurs within the MCU timeline.

The tease features Steven Grant (Isaac) talking to another version of himself – Marc Spector – in a mirror. Grant asks in his amazing cockney accent; “Am I like, some sort of secret agent?” and the mirror-Marc responds in an American accent; “it’s a little more complicated than that.” But the clue comes from an unlikely source – a red double-decker London bus.

There is a brief shot of the Moon Knight, in his full costume, in front of a bus that has an advert on it for the GRC – the Global Repatriation Council, which was formed after half the world’s population suddenly reappeared in the Blip. The council attempts to help people displaced from their jobs and homes, who have become refugees. Tensions between the GRC and the refugees led to the formation of the Flag Smashers, who were central to the plot of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Therefore, we know that Moon Knight takes place in a post-Blip world.

Whether this ends up having much bearing on the plot of Moon Knight remains to be seen. As we’ve said, the goal is to keep Moon Knight self-contained, without worrying about tying in with the rest of the MCU too much and will hopefully avoid shoe-horned cameos and getting bogged down in references to the wider universe.

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