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Mark Ruffalo thinks Marvel Studios should be nervous about the future

Mark Ruffalo has spoken candidly about the future of Marvel at a Comic Con, but not really a criticism, more that they need to watch out for the competition.

Mark Ruffalo in the MCU

Mark Ruffalo has recently been speaking at the wonderfully named Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. He made some candid remarks about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was already causing some concern, even before Ant-Man 3 received negative reviews and a less then stellar haul at the box office.

However, Ruffalo wasn’t referring to the commonly brought up issues, such as oversaturation and too much connection to the Marvel series on Disney Plus. He was referring to the competition. Now that DC has James Gunn on board – running the creative side across movies and TV shows, Ruffalo says that Marvel should be “sweating.”

Ruffalo said (via The Direct); “James Gunn… nobody does it better. And Marvel should be sweating because James Gunn is a really gifted filmmaker and I think he’s going to be amazing for that [DC] franchise.” Gunn is a unique position, in that he already had his feet in both camps. Gunn’s third and final MCU movie – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will be released in May.

Gunn had already been involved with DC, directing 2021’s The Suicide Squad, and show-running its spin-off Peacemaker. But after the release of Guardians 3, Gunn’s sole focus will be the future of the DCU – and it’s first chapter, Gods and Monsters.

As for Marvel, they’ve got The Marvels coming up this year after Guardians 3. In 2024, they have a further three movies – Captain America 4, Thunderbolts, and the much-delayed Blade (which should be standalone). After Phase 4, fans had higher hopes for Marvel’s Phase 5, but Ant-Man 3 has not got it off to the best start.

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