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Loki’s finale might have been revealed by an overlooked TVA detail

Every Loki fan is wondering who will have control of the TVA by the time season 2 ends, and a detail in the TVA logo may provide a clue.

Loki and Mobius in Loki Season 2

Loki season 2 has seen the Asgardian and Mobius travel through time to try to prevent Kang the Conqueror from creating and assuming control of the TVA. But an eagle-eyed Reddit user thinks they’ve seen a clue which indicates that by the Loki season 2 finale – it will be Loki and Mobius who are leading the TVA. A word of warning – there are spoilers ahead for episode 3!

MCU fans think they know the story of the TVA and Kang the Conqueror’s role in building it, but Reddit user Viquemare has spotted a clue that could indicate how Loki’s second season ends. On the floor of the TVA is a logo that features a dagger and a Mobius strip, which could represent our favorite time-traveling Marvel characters, Loki and Mobius.

The logo could be a clue that it will be Loki and Mobius who are co-leading the TVA at the end of Loki season 2, and not Kang – despite the fact we believe he will be the main Marvel villain in the upcoming Phase 6.

Viquemare adds; “They represent a balance between chaos and order, so they are the key to saving the reality vs conquering (order + order) or breaking it (chaos + chaos).” This really gives us a new perspective on Loki and Morbius’ relationship and how they complement one another.

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Someone has, of course, commented, sensibly pointing out, “Considering that Avengers 4 is called The Kang Dynasty, I’m guessing Kang remains in control.” Like all Marvel series and movies, whatever does happen at the end of Loki season 2 will have a big impact on upcoming Marvel movies. But the logo certainly seems to be suggesting that Loki and Mobius are integral to the TVA, and it’s a great shout to have noticed the dagger and the Mobius strip.

However, back in Loki season 1, a theory was floating around that the TVA logo looked like Kang’s face and that it was foreshadowing him being revealed as its creator and leader – so we guess you can see things in the logo that support your argument if you so choose.

Up until now, Loki season 2 has seen Loki clashing with Sylvie over what she wants to do with Victor Timely (namely kill him), with Loki focusing on trying to fix the Time Loom. Ravonna Renslayer is confronted by the corpse of He Who Remains at the end of episode 3, but their possible connection doesn’t seem to exist in her past – so how will it impact her?

Fans are buzzing over Miss Minutes, now seemingly being a ghost or a villain or both, as well as being excited about all of the Lokius content. The intertwined dagger and Mobius strip in the TVA logo certainly adds more fuel to the shipping fire.

We’re excited for the rest of Marvel’s Phase 5 and especially The Marvels, and if you want to do some serious prep – you could always watch the Marvel movies in order before it comes out.