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Jared Leto threatens that he’s open to more Morbius or Joker

Jared Leto has made his unique mark both in Marvel and DC movies — and now he's threatening fans with more Joker or Morbius content

jared leto morbius 2

Jared Leto has become an infamous figure across both the DCEU and whatever Sony’s calling its shared Marvel universe these days—but not necessarily for the right reasons. After delivering a good performance in drama movie Requiem for a Dream, the singer-turned-actor found himself being considered for more roles: the cream of the crop, of course, being Batman villain Joker.

However, as a Joker actor in Suicide Squad, Leto was notoriously difficult to work with, as his idea of ‘method acting’ involved giving cast members dead rats in boxes. Rumours of his on-set behaviour coupled with his ultimately underwhelming performance in Suicide Squad led to him being shut out from future DCEU projects and becoming a joke among fans: a joke that was only exacerbated further when it was announced he would be playing the “Marvel legend” Morbius — who nobody had actually ever heard of.

His appearance in the Marvel movie quickly turned into a meme, with the film being universally reviled while simultaneously becoming one of the most popular trending topics on social media.

With Morbius flopping at the box office not once, but twice (Sony tried and failed to capitalise on the Morbius meme), you’d think that was it for Jared Leto’s superhero movie career.

However, the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman appears unfazed by the criticism, as he said in an interview with The Playlist that he would be open to reprising both roles again, if given the opportunity.

“Well, as the old thing goes, never say never,” he said. Although it seems unlikely that Leto will be playing the Clown Prince of Crime again — with Joaquin Phoenix’s iteration being Sony’s focus at the moment with a Joker 2 musical being announced — we might not be able to rule out Morbius completely, given that Leto has already tweeted about receiving a script for Morbius 2 entitled ‘It’s Morbin’ Time.’

But, he’s only joking. We hope.