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Is Storm in The Marvels? The X-Men tease you might have missed

Fans have spotted a potential X-Men Easter egg in the newest The Marvels trailer. Is that you, Storm? Let us explain the mystery figure.

Storm standing in front of The Marvels poster

From fan murmurs about Binary joining the MCU to screen-capped X-Men iconography, a single shot from the new The Marvels trailer is the latest tease to keep us on our toes. But is Storm in The Marvels?

This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige does love his cameos. And ahead of The Marvels release date, the new footage showed a faceless, suited-and-booted character who some fans believe could be the X-Men character Storm. Still, we’re not convinced. Here are the most likely Marvel characters who could be in the white suit.

A freeze frame from The Marvels final trailer

Is Storm in The Marvels?

Some fans think Storm could be in The Marvels because of an X symbol and white costume seen in the final trailer, but we think it’s a version of Binary.

As you can see in the image above (freeze-framed at 1:45), Monica sits on a bed while a concealed person walks by in a white costume, which does look a lot like Storm’s iconic 90s suit — although we do have to point out the ‘cape’ some pointed out is actually a blanket.

YouTube Thumbnail

There is also a small ‘X’ on the bottom right corner of the monitor. There have been a few instances of fans thinking X-Men Easter eggs have been planted because of a stray letter in different projects, but none of those have turned into legit appearances.

Of course, the rumors about Kelsey Grammer’s Beast showing up in the MCU very soon aren’t helping the knee-jerk reactions to any hint of mutants.

The more likely scenario is the Marvel character Binary. In comics, she’s a Carol Danvers doppelganger who was created when she shaped photon blasts into a human-ish form. Binary now exists as her own entity with similar abilities to Captain Marvel’s powers.

But if The Marvels is doing something with that character, we think it might be for Monica instead of Captain Marvel. Why? Well, the shot in the trailer shows a quick glimpse at the mystery character’s hand, which is a closer match to Monica’s than Carol’s.

The suit itself also looks like Monica’s in the movie, with white and black paneling, but with the colors swapped around. It also shares a lot with Monica’s Photon outfit from the comics. If Binary in this iteration is indeed her contemporary, this costume design would make a lot of sense.

Monica Rambeau as Photon in The Marvels

Monica’s powers allow her to transform her body into a variety of energies including X-rays, gamma, cosmic rays, infrared, and radio waves. It’s possible the film has found a way for her to create Binary instead. At least, that’s more reasonable a guess than a Storm cameo.

We hope this is the explanation because we’re looking forward to spending time with the core three characters rather than sitting through a bunch of cameos. The best movies in the MCU avoid bogging themselves down with them. Alas, you can watch the trailer below and see the shot for yourself.

YouTube Thumbnail

Only time will tell what’s going on here the latest of the Marvel movies in order. We’ve still got some new movies in Marvel’s Phase 5 to come, which you can keep up to date with in our guide to all the upcoming Marvel movies.