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Is Gravik Nick Fury’s son in Secret Invasion?

The new Disney Plus series Secret Invasion is doing it's best to flip the MCU on its head. here's if the new Skrull villain Gravik may be Nick Fury's son

Gravik in Secret Invasion

Is Gravik Nick Fury’s son in Secret Invasion? The new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion has been full of shocking twists and turns, but there’s speculation online that an even more surprising reveal may be on the way.

A number of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have become convinced that Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir), the Marvel villain at the center of Secret Invasion, is, in fact, Nick Fury’s son. Now we won’t lie. That would be quite the reveal, but what evidence is there that Gravik is Nick Fury’s son? Well, actually, quite a lot. Spoilers for the new Marvel series ahead.

Is Gravik Nick Fury’s son in Secret Invasion?

While it’s not been officially confirmed, we think it seems exceedingly likely that Gravik is indeed Nick Fuy’s adopted son.

Why? Well, in episode 2, when we saw Gravik meet Fury back in 1997, it was clear Nick had a connection to the young Skrull, who supposedly single-handedly flew his ship to safety. Fury even touched the boy’s head as a mark of respect, something that seems surprisingly affectionate for the usually gruff spymaster.

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It also seems clear at this point that Fury’s wife, Priscilla, is the Skrull Varra who we saw him flirting with in episode 3. So if Fury’s got a Skrull wife, why can’t he have an adopted Skrull son? It would explain why the Skrull rebellion finally convinced him to return to Earth and why he was asking Priscilla if she’d been in touch with Gravik while he was gone.

After all, does Fury always ask his loved ones if they’ve been in contact with wanted terrorists? You know what? Scratch that; he might actually do that. In all seriousness, though, a connection between the Fury family and Gravik would also explain Priscilla’s call to the rebel Skrulls, where she says she “needs” to talk to Gravik.

This would also line up with comments Ben-Adir made concerning Gravik’s youth which he supposedly spent with his family. “There were iterations early on where there were scenes that maybe didn’t make the cut, or parts of the backstory where he did have,” he told Collider. “Well, yeah, he had a family, and yeah, at what point did it shift? I think, realistically speaking, it has to have been a long time since he has felt [love] – maybe when he was a kid.”

So did Gravik spend his youth growing up with the Furys? It sounds like he had a family of some kind to us.

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