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Marvel movie star still mostly gets recognised for Gilmore Girls

This Gilmore Girls cast member gets recognised for his work on the TV series way more than he does for his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gilmore Girls cast

Marvel movie star Sean Gunn still gets recognised most often for his supporting role on the hit drama series Gilmore Girls. Long before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy cast as the ravager Kraglin, Sean Gunn’s biggest role was on Gilmore Girls as Kirk.

Starting out as a minor role, Kirk quickly developed to become one of the most significant supporting characters on the show which ran from 2000-2007.

But despite Gilmore Girls ending over a decade and a half ago (not accounting for A Year in the Life) Gunn still gets stopped in the street for being in the Gilmore Girls cast, even though he’s also a major Marvel movie star.

Speaking with Wired, Sean Gunn explained the situation, and his beginnings on the series. “I was on the second episode of the second season. I came in right out of the gate and played a character called the DSL installer which dates myself and show, and they kept asking me back to play other small roles… season 3 [was when I became a regular on the show].”

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Gunn was then asked how often people recognise him as Kirk, replying “Every single day for decades.” Gunn’s brother, James Gunn, then chimed in and said, “You’ve got to realise how popular Gilmore Girls is. It’s on Netflix now and it’s one of the most popular shows of all time.”

Damn right it is. Gilmore Girls is one of the best TV series ever made (yes, really) with a pitch perfect cast including Sean Gunn a Kirk. If you enjoy the actor’s performance in the MCU movies, then you’d also probably love him in Gilmore Girls.

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