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Black Panther 2 LEGO appears to confirm popular fan theory

A new LEGO set for the upcoming Black Panther 2 seems to confirm that the biggest fan theory about the new superhero movie is right

Black Panther 2 theory : Letitia Wright as Shuri

A leaked LEGO set looks like it confirms the biggest fan theory about the upcoming action movie Black Panther 2. The sequel to the 2018 movie, which is titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, will carry on the exploration of the hidden, technologically advanced country of Wakanda.

However, despite its upcoming release date, there is a lot about the action movie that is unknown – including who will lead the movie. This is because, in 2020, Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman died aged 43, leaving behind a huge cinematic legacy, which included his role in the superhero franchise.

Boseman was the lead actor in the movie, meaning that the movie series’ future was cast into doubt. Unsurprisingly, since Boseman’s death, fans of the superhero movie series have speculated about the upcoming film, with many suggesting that T’Challa’s sister Shuri will take up the Black Panther mantle and identity.

This hasn’t been to the delight of all fans, however, with an increasingly sizeable and vocal portion arguing that the best way to respect Boseman’s legacy would be to cast a new actor to continue the MCU character‘s story as originally planned.

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Now, a tie-in LEGO set for the upcoming movie appears to settle the debate once and for all, as it shows that Shuri will take on the role of Black Panther in T’Challa, and Boseman’s absence.

The LEGO set, which has leaked onto Instagram, appears to show Letitia Wright’s Shuri in the Black Panther suit, leading the movie.

You can check it out below, via the Instagram account Underscorezeus:

Black Panther 2 LEGO set

Hopefully, this apparent confirmation means that Marvel movie fans can go forward settled into the idea of Shuri taking on the role. She has her own unique skills and talents, as does Wright, so will undoubtedly bring something new and surprising to the role, even if it isn’t what audiences initially expected.

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