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Captain America’s iconic Endgame line was done first take

Chris Evans has revealed that his iconic line as Captain America in Avengers Endgame was done in one take, and he explains why it's quieter than you'd expect

Chris Evans in Avengers Endgame

A lot rested on Chris Evans in the battle against Thanos in Avengers Endgame, with one line being pivotal in particular. Cap finally calling “Avengers assemble” was a moment MCU fans had been waiting for, and when it finally happened, it was truly momentous. Evans reveals his thinking on the scene.

“I was gonna shout the first take, and then it just felt like, you know, it almost feels like I knew what the camera was doing. You know that people are waiting for it,” he told MTV News. “It almost felt like a nice juxtaposition to almost, you know, go underneath it and then have everyone around me scream.”

Though there’s no way Cap’s many teammates heard his understated battlecry, him saying it so low followed by everyone roaring does make for an epic contrast. Evans also reveals the historic action movie moment was done in one take. “We tried that the first take, and then the Russos just said, ‘That’s it, don’t even do the screaming one’,” he recalls.

Evans isn’t sure if they even did a version with Steve truly putting his lungs behind it. He remembers practicing it, and thinks it might have done the job if they’d gone that direction. “I obviously tried it at my home the night before,” he says. “It could have worked, but I like the fact that you almost have to lean in.”

We don’t know about you, but the image of a casual Chris Evans just yelling “Avengers assemble” over and over in his trailer or whatever is something that absolutely delights us. It’s a shame it never made it to celluloid, but Endgame wasn’t exactly hurt by the quieter, more subversive approach either.

Currently, you can hear Evans in Pixar movie Lightyear, which is in theatres now.