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Did She-Hulk introduce the MCU’s first vampire before Blade?

She-Hulk has done a great job introducing us to a different side of the MCU but did we really just meet a vampire before the Blade movie?

She-Hulk may have introduced first MCU vampire
Did She-Hulk introduce the MCU’s first vampire before Blade?
 She-Hulk, episode 7, saw Jen take a trip out to Emil Blonsky’s meditation retreat. Abomination seems to have completely put his life of crime behind him, and he is now running therapy sessions for D-List Marvel villains.
Currently working through their issues with Blonsky are Man-Bull, El Aguila, Porcupine, and the Wrecker (from the Wrecking Crew). None of the bad guys introduced in the Marvel series is Doctor Doom, if you know what I mean, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t leave an impression.
 In particular, Saracen ise notable because he claims to be a vampire. So did She-Hulk introduce the MCU’s first vampire before Blade? Let’s look at Saracen’s comic book history to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Did She-Hulk introduce the MCU’s first vampire before Blade?

Saracen certainly claims to be a vampire in the TV series, but no one seems to take him seriously. Even Blonsky, who’s rather respectful of his supervillain patients, seemed to think Saracen was a joke.

It doesn’t help that Saracen didn’t display any real superpowers unless vampires are also cursed with an insatiable ability to mention blood in every other sentence. We also saw him out in the daytime, so it’s possible he’s just bullshitting, or he may be so powerful that sunlight no longer affects him.

She Hulk: Saracen

Is Saracen a vampire in the comics?

No, well, yes. It’s confusing. There are actually two Saracens in the comicbooks. The vampire Saracen was introduced in Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, and he’s an ancient undead monster who somehow managed to survive to the modern day.

The other better-known Saracen isn’t a vampire. He’s just a run-of-the-mill Marvel mercenary like Crossbones who spends most of his time battling non-powered people like the Punisher.

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Did She-Hulk set up the MCU Blade movie?

Honestly, yeah, we think it did. She-Hulk’s done a great job at building up a new MCU where heroes and supernatural beings are part of the everyday.

The fact that no one at Blonsky’s retreat calls Saracen out for claiming to be a vampire sort of suggests that although we’ve not met a proper bloodsucker yet in the MCU, they do exist and are an accepted part of the world.