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Lost almost got a “True Detective-style” spin-off TV series

Lost was a hit back in its heyday in the 2000s, but it seems like we missed out on more potential adventures in the form of a spin-off TV series


Ken Leung was a breakout star when he joined the cast of drama series Lost in season 4 — and with Miles managing to break his way out of the cursed island, the idea of revisiting the character in a spin-off TV series isn’t completely outside of the realm of possibility. In fact, at one point, a spin-off was even in the works, Leung revealed in an interview with The Independent.

“I would love to go back to Hawaii,” he said. “When I think of Lost, I don’t think of the show as much as I think of Hawaii. But I guess it depends on where they wanted to take it and who was coming back.”

He continued, “I know there was an idea being kicked around where Miles and Sawyer [Josh Holloway] would have a True Detective-style spin-off, but that would be so much its own thing that it wouldn’t feel like continuing Lost. But on the face of it, sure. There’s nothing about Lost where it’s like, ‘I never wanna do that again.’ So yeah, maybe.”

When it comes to his fan-favourite role as Miles, Leung partly has The Sopranos to thank for that. He caught the eye of showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse after his stint as a guest star in the iconic show.

Appearing in The Sopranos’ sixth season, Leung played Carter Chong, a patient at a psychiatric centre with anger issues who ends up becoming close with Junior (Dominic Chianese). According to The Independent, Lindelof and Cuse were so impressed with Leung that they created the role for Miles especially for him, and instantly got in touch with his agent to get him onboard with the rest of the Lost family.

While we might not get our True Detective spin-off starring Miles, you can peruse our selection of the best detective movies instead. You can watch all the seasons of Lost on streaming service Disney Plus.