How to watch Living: can you stream Bill Nighy’s new movie?

Bill Nighy contemplates life in his latest drama movie, where he contends with a terminal illness, and we can tell you how to watch Living

Bill Nighy in Living

How can you watch Living? The new drama movie starring Bill Nighy is low-key one of the best films of the year. Directed by Oliver Hermanus, it follows Nighy as a rich bureaucrat who tries to make peace with himself after a terminal diagnosis in 1950s London.

The film is a retelling of Akira Kurosawa’s thriller movie Ikiru, itself inspired by The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy, and the screenplay was written by Kazuo Ishiguro, known for the acclaimed novels The Unconsoled and Never Let Me Go. All of which is to say, there are some extremely talented people behind the project.

But away from who’s involved, how can you watch Living? Should you get on one of the streaming services, or take a trip down to your nearest arthouse cinema? We’re not much for existentialism, but we can tell you where to find the best movies – read on for more.

How can you watch Living?

You can see Living in theatres in both the UK and US from November 4. While good news, there is a caveat for viewers stateside: the release is limited over there, meaning only certain theatres will be screening it.

Make sure to check local listings before deciding to take a trip to see Bill Nighy’s latest romp. If you’re on the British isles or Ireland, though, you should be able to find the film in your average cineplex, though do keep an eye on screening times.

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Can you stream Living?

You can’t stream Living yet. Currently there are no announced plans for where the film could end up. However, we’d put safe money on MUBI being one of the options in Britain.

That’s just speculation, mind. Only time will tell what service the picture becomes available on. For now, head down to a theatre to enjoy the well-regarded feature. For something you can definitely watch at home, consult our list off the best Netflix movies.