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This must-watch superhero movie is now streaming on Prime

One of the best superhero movies of all time is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. So, if there was ever a time to watch it, now is the perfect opportunity.

chloe grace mortez in kick ass

Amid everything new on Amazon Prime, viewers can now revisit one of the best superhero movies of all time. And no — we’re not talking about Morbius. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass follows teenage comic book enthusiast, Dave Lizewski, as he sets out to become a real-life superhero. And yes, his name is actually ‘Kick-Ass.’

But what Lizewski doesn’t realize is that he’s not the only costumed vigilante around, as he ends up facing off against the likes of Hit-Girl, Red Mist, and the formidable Frank D’Amico. With its profanity and violence, Kick-Ass was controversial when it was released in 2010 — but it’s since become a cult classic and is widely considered by critics to be one of the best movies of the decade.

Thirteen years on from the comedy movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played the titular star, has become one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. He was widely praised for his role in 2022 movie Bullet Train, is tipped to be leading a new James Bond movie, and even lent his talents to the MCU — twice.

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But while he played an X-Men character the first time around, Johnson’s new movie will see him play a Marvel villain. Or, more specifically, a Spider-Man villain. You’ll have to wait until the Kraven the Hunter release date to see him in action on the big screen. Our guide to the Marvel movies in order will give you the lowdown on his other heroic hijinks. In the meantime, check him out as Kick-Ass on Amazon Prime Video.