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Chloë Grace Moretz would do Kick-Ass 3 under one condition

Chloë Grace Moretz said she would return as Hit-Girl for Kick-Ass 3, if one condition involving her past co-stars is met.

Chloe Grace Moretz would do Kick-Ass 3 under one condition

Chloë Grace Moretz is up for another outing as Hit-Girl, the violent costumed assassin first seen on the big screen in the action movie Kick-Ass. In a 2021 interview with Jimmy Fallon, the star said she would “love” to be a part of a potential Kick-Ass 3 movie, but only if one condition involving the original crew was met for the hypothetical sequel.

Kick-Ass, the 2010 comedy movie directed by Matthew Vaughn, tells the story of the completely normal and powerless Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who sets out to become a superhero named Kick-Ass. Soon Dave finds himself involved in a dangerous fight with a crime boss after meeting the killer vigilante Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his 11-year-old daughter Hit-Girl (Moretz).

The thriller movie was a hit when it was first released, earning over $96 million at the box office and spawning a less well-received sequel in 2013. However, since then, the series hasn’t been touched. When asked if she would be part of Kick-Ass 3 – if one ever got made – Moretz confirmed that she would, but only if the original cast, such as Taylor-Johnson, and Chris Mintz-Plasse (who played Red Mist) joined too.

“I mean, I think I would love to do a Kick-Ass 3. I think it’d be really fun to see where Hit-Girl goes and what she’s like as an adult,” Moretz said, “But I think it would have to be kind of perfect. I feel like it would need to be, across the board, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chris Mintz-Plasse and the whole crew back together.”

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We are curious to see Moretz reprise the role of Hit-Girl, and how the character will change as an adult now. However, currently, no Kick-Ass 3 is in development, so her involvement is purely hypothetical at this point. Since Kick-Ass, the star has appeared in several films such as the horror movie Carrie, and the drama movie If I stay.