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John Travolta poses for photos in UK supermarket and pub

Movie star John Travolta caused a stir in Norfolk, England, after fans spotted him in supermarket Morrisons and later in popular pub chain Wetherspoons

john travolta wetherspoons morrisons

John Travolta’s presence in a local British supermarket and pub proved to be electrifying for residents, as the “really polite” action movie star posed for photos and chatted with several shoppers, staff members, and punters.

Travolta, who is known for his career in musicals and thriller movies, was the talk of Norfolk, England, when he visited the town in order to act in a short film. According to Manchester Evening News, Travolta had been filming at Raynham Hangar Studios in West Raynham, Norfolk. As he explored the local area, one of the places he was spotted was local supermarket chain Morrisons.  According to security guard Gary Middleton, Travolta stayed for over an hour to chat to staff and customers. “He looked at me as I passed hIm and put his hand out to shake mine,” he told Manchester Evening News. “We exchanged a few words and had a little joke together. I was so lucky to get a picture.”

Middleton continued: “Once people realised who it was they all started to get excited. He was quite smart-looking, well built and very polite to all the staff here. He looks a bit different to the way people remember him from the 1970s and 80s, or with his long, dark hair from Pulp Fiction. But you could tell who it was from the smile in his eyes. We had a really nice chat”

But that isn’t the only place Travolta caused a stir. Staff at the Romany Rye pub, a branch of the Wetherspoon pub chain, confirmed to WalesOnline that the star was indeed at the venue.

Jamie Salter, who was drinking at the pub when Travolta was there, told the outlet about his “unreal” experience meeting the Hollywood actor. “Dereham doesn’t usually play host to one of the most famous Hollywood stars on the planet,” he said.

“I feel extremely lucky to have met him as it certainly wasn’t what I expected to experience on a Thursday night out in Dereham,” Salter says. “I enjoy going to The Romany Rye often and never would have anticipated my night going this way.”

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