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John Malkovich made a science fiction movie you won’t live to see

In 2015, Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich made a science fiction short film which is due to be released from a bulletproof safe in the year 2115.

John Malkovich in 100 Years

John Malkovich made a short film in 2015 which he will not live to see released, and most of the rest of us will never see it either. Malkovich and director Robert Rodriguez (who directed beloved family movie Spy Kids, and the popular Alita: Battle Angel) announced in November 2015 that they had teamed with Louis XIII Cognac to create a film inspired by the hundred years it takes to make a bottle of their rarefied booze.

Although the science fiction movie‘s plot remains a complete secret, on November 18, 2015, Malkovich and Rodriguez released three teaser trailers called Retro, Nature, and Future. The film stars an international cast – American actor John Malkovich, Taiwanese actress Shuya Chang, and Chilean actor Marko Zaror. It is due to be released on November 18, 2115.

Pending release, the film is being kept in a high-tech safe behind bulletproof glass that will open automatically on November 18, 2115, the day of the film’s premiere. One thousand guests from around the world, including Malkovich and Rodriguez, have received a pair of invitation tickets made of metal for the premiere, which they can hand down to their descendants. The safe in which 100 Years is kept is in the Louis XIII cellars, in the Cognac region of France.

A song called 100 Years is said by Louis XIII Cognac to have been composed for them by Pharrell Williams and performed live, once, at a private party. They have promised that a recording of the song will be issued in 2117.

As far as commercials go, it’s certainly elaborate and captures the attention. It will be interesting to people living a century in the future to look back and see what we imagined the future would look like. If you watch something like robot movie Metropolis (which will turn 100 years old in 2027), you can see a vision of the future imagined a century ago.

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