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Jim Carrey returns as The Cable Guy in Super Bowl ad

Jim Carrey is back as The Cable Guy, one of his more contentious roles from the '90s, in a Verizon ad that was released as part of the Super Bowl

Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick in The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey has reprised a role from one of his most infamous comedy movies for this year’s Super Bowl. In an ad for Verizon’s 5G service, Carrey stepped back into the overalls of Ernie ‘Chip’ Hudson, otherwise known as The Cable Guy.

The advertisement is fairly straightforward: Ernie knocks on someone’s door, offering internet service, but they tell him they’re good because they have a Verizon box installed. He then checks the box, while reaming off questions about the contract, price, and installation for the apartment holder to answer. Carrey is, well, Carrey, exactly as eccentric as you’d imagine.

Released in 1996, The Cable Guy is regarded as a bit of an odd duck among Carrey’s output at the time. Ben Stiller directed the film, about an over-zealous cable installer who becomes an obsessive stalker to Matthew Broderick’s Steven Kovacs. It’s almost a lighthearted thriller movie, and examines the obnoxious side to Carrey’s signature hyperactive style of performance. Reviews were mixed, and it’s still one of Carrey’s more divisive works today.

You can check out the full ad below:

YouTube Thumbnail

On Twitter, Carrey shared a slightly longer version that runs a minute-and-a-half. For your consideration – the extended cut,” he says. Get comfortable Gen Z, this is 90 whole seconds.”

The Super Bowl was full of ads, as per usual. AJ and Meadow Soprano returned for a Chevrolet commercial, and we got new trailers for horror movie Nope, and MCU feature Doctor Strange 2. These particular advertisements have a tendency toward nostalgia, with Matthew Broderick return to Ferris Bueller for one in 2012.

If you’d like to see Carrey in something feature-length, he’ll be in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in theatres April 1, 2022.