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Jennifer Lopez wants a sequel to one of her worst movies

Jennifer Lopez has made some great movies in her career, but when she was asked which of her films should get a sequel, she had an odd answer.

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez is one of many popstar-actor hybrids in Hollywood, and like many of those performers, she has made some pretty great movies and also some pretty bad ones. When asked which of her films should get a sequel, J-Lo picked arguably the worst of them all.


The movie based on a true story, Hustlers, was one of the best movies of 2019. Her romance movie of this year, Marry Me, was cheesy, but did the job. Lopez also has a whole host of 2000s movies to her name that are perfectly entertaining.

Any of those would make for adequate sequels, we imagine. But when interviewed by Vogue, Lopez surprised us all.

Asked which of her movies she would most want to make a sequel to, Lopez replied “Gigli,” to which the interviewer responds “critically-acclaimed,” with an ironic tone. The sentiment isn’t lost on Lopez herself, who laughs it off.

If you didn’t know, Gigli is a rom-com starring Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck (their relationship has been a journey, to say the least), and is literally one of the worst movies of all time. That’s not just me passing opinion, the film is rated at 2.6 on IMDb and has a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 6% – ouch!

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We can’t imagine there would be much demand for a Gigli 2, but we have to respect J-Lo for coming up with that answer, and with no hesitation either. For more throwbacks, check out our list of the best ‘90s movies. Or, see if Ben Affleck will ever return as Batman for Justice League 2.