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Jackass Forever trailer brings back Johnny Knoxville and crew for more stunts

Those old boys are back at it again

Hi, we’re The Digital Fix, welcome to the Jackass Forever trailer. After over a decade, Johnny Knoxville and co have returned for another comedy movie sequel, and honestly, not much has changed.

“When was the last time you got together with old friends to laugh your asses off?” the trailer asks, between clips of the crew doing what they do best. People cycle into walls, take part in competitions to not get slapped by giant hands, get bitten by snakes, parasail off ramps, and launch themselves out of cannons. It’s Jackass, no more, no less.

Aside from Knoxville himself, Steve-o, Preson Lacy, Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuna, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and Ehren McGhehey get a little screentime. It very much feels like seeing old friends, and it sounds like nostalgia will be a part of the overall narrative, since one of the guests points out they’ve been watching Jackass since they were a child. “Concussions aren’t great,” Steve-o says, while Knoxville gets ready to be rammed by a bull. “But as long as you have them before you’re 50, it’s cool. And Knoxville’s 49, so we’re good.”

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This is the fourth Jackass film. The previous three were released in 2002, 2006, and 2010, respectively, and took the MTV prank TV series to bizarrely high-budgeted lengths. A plane is used in one to yank out someone’s tooth. At the end of Jackass 3D, Weezer’s ‘Memories’ played over the end credits. Seems memories made them all want to go back so much, they just did.

Jackass Forever is due in theatres October 22, 2021. Here’s the best adventure movies, for some carefree fun without the head trauma.