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Robert Pattinson reveals the Harry Potter scene he repeated in Twilight

Robert Pattinson really likes jumping out of trees - a skill he brought to both Harry Potter and Twilight

Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and Twilight

While the fantasy movie series Twilight is what made Robert Pattinson globally famous, especially to hoards of teenage girls, many of them were already familiar with him due to his small but impactful role in another fantasy series – as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

In the fourth Harry Potter movie, Cedric and his father Amos are introduced accompanying the Weasleys to the Quidditch World Cup. Harry and Cedric later both become contestants in the highly dangerous Triwizard Tournament. At the finale of the tournament, Lord Voldemort returns and “kills the spare” – getting Cedric out of the way, so he can have his way with Harry. This leads to the famous scene where Harry returns with Cedric’s body and his father cries; “that’s my boooy!”

But Pattinson had an idea for how Cedric – who was older and cooler than Harry and his friends – would be introduced. In a video interview with GQ, Pattinson says; “He’s the first death in Harry Potter, which is my claim to fame. It was definitely my concept to jump out of the tree at the beginning, for my intro, which I then repeated later on in Twilight. For some reason, I always have a suggestion to be like; “Why doesn’t he just appear just like.. jumping out of a tree?”

While talking about playing Cedric, Pattinson also mentions trying to method act his way through the role. But he would get himself so physically psyched-up and hot and bothered before scenes that his prosthetic wounds would melt off.

R-Patz also says; “I remember holding a wand and thinking that it felt so dorky to hold it like a magic wand, so I’m holding it like a gun with two hands, thinking I’m in a Die Hard movie. I even have one eye closed when I’m looking down, like it’s got a viewfinder on it.” We’re only surprised he didn’t point his wand in the air and go “arrrgghhhh.”

One thing we’ve all learned from Robert Pattison’s press tour for The Batman is that every idea he’s ever had is awful, terrible, the worst – whether it’s inventing a handheld pasta snack or doing an “atrocious” Batman voice.

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