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Meet the only actor to be killed by Mike Myers and Michael Myers onscreen

Only one person has had the honour of being killed by both Michael Myers and Mike Myers - and he's also named Michael

Mike Myers and Michael Myers

We all remember the scene in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver when a car full of bank robbers don their masks for a heist, only to discover that there’s been a slight mix up. “We said Michael Myers!” “This is Mike Myers!” “It should be a Halloween mask!” “This is a Halloween mask!” “No, the killer dude from Halloween!” “Oh, you mean Jason.”

It’s easy to get a psychopathic serial killer mixed up with the loveable comedian known for playing iconic characters Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, Shrek and The Love Guru. Now Twitter user Dave Wain has pointed out that one man has had the honour of being killed by both Michael Myers and Mike Myers. And of course, he’s also called Michael.

Comedian Michael McDonald appeared in Austin Powers (1997) as Henchman Flattened by Steamroller, and in the sequels – as a NATO soldier in The Spy who Shagged Me (1999), and a Royal Guard in Goldmember (2002). We’re guessing that Michael is probably a friend of Mike Myers, who enjoys killing him. In Halloween Kills he continues his run of characters with fun names, by playing Little John.

Halloween Kills, the middle film in David Gordon Green’s new Halloween trilogy, did well when it was released last year, making $131 million at the box office and setting a streaming record for Peacock.

While the first Austin Powers movie made a modest $67 million, the two sequels would make around $300 million each at the box office. Even Beyoncé appeared in the third one, along with Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow and Danny DeVito starring in a movie-within-a-movie directed by Steven Spielberg called Austinpussy. The early 2000s were a wild time.

You can see the viral Tweet that made the connection here;

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