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George Clooney bribed Julia Roberts into this movie in the best way

George Clooney movies are often star studded, and he ensured Julia Roberts was cast in this beloved thriller movie by playfully bribing the Pretty Woman actor.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise

George Clooney and Julia Roberts have starred in movies together more than once, and across genres. From thriller movies like Ocean’s 11 to one of the best romance movies of 2022, Ticket to Paradise, the pair have enduring chemistry.

And let’s not forget (although you probably have) 2016’s Money Monster. George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s last remaining ‘movie star’ relics, and Roberts’ comeback has delighted us.

When it came to convincing Roberts, who was incredibly popular at the time, to make a heist movie, Clooney had to get creative.

Clooney said of Ocean’s Eleven, “I remember Julia. I didn’t know her, I’d never met her, and she was making $20 million a film, and we just talked Brad [Pitt] into doing it and Matt [Damon] into doing it, and we wanted Julia to do it,”.

“So I put a $20 bill on a script and I sent it to her, and I said ‘I hear you get 20 a picture now.’ She was spectacular to work with and is a dear friend. You can watch Clooney tell the story below.

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