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Free Guy first impressions say it “might be best videogame movie ever made”

Ryan Reynold's new role as an NPC may be one of his best yet

Let’s be honest, videogame movies don’t necessarily have the best reputation. But it looks like Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, may be one of the few cinematic gems in the genre. First impressions of the upcoming blockbuster are now in, and believe it or not, the verdict appears to be widely positive.

Free Guy is a high budget action movie with lots of guns, danger, and a comedic twist. Centred around Ryan Reynolds, who takes on the role of an innocent NPC that doesn’t know he is in a videogame, the movie sees his journey into self-awareness, and embracing his chaotic, programmed world. It’s a simple concept, but apparently, it works as the comedy movie’s early critical response has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Critic Scott Menzel praised the movie saying, “Free Guy is the most fun I’ve had watching a movie all year. Wildly entertaining and hilarious from beginning to end. It deserves to be seen on the big screen, not only for the spectacular visuals but for the plethora of surprises throughout. It’s Truman Show meets Ready Player One.”

The positive feedback continued with Collider’s Steven Weintraub tweeting, “ Free Guy might be the best video game movie ever made. It actually makes you believe you are in a videogame. Big thumbs up. Looking forward to seeing it again.”

Rotten Tomatoes critic Joel Meares also had nice things to say, stating that although sceptical at first, the film won him over, even dubbing himself as a “huge fan” after watching it. Publications ComicBook.com, and Nerds of Color have also expressed their positive experience of Free Guy, hinting that none of us who decide to watch it will be disappointed. From the massive outpour of support and praise, it’s safe to say that the film is looking to become a box office hit once it releases later this year.

Free Guy is set to premiere across the UK and US on August 13. In the meantime, why not get your heart racing with our list of the best thriller movies.