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Fast and Furious 11 just got an important update ahead of Fast 10

It is rumoured that the eleventh Fast and Furious movie will be the last in the long-running saga, and we've just had an update on one essential component.

Fast and Furious 10

It has been rumoured for some time now that the eleventh Fast and Furious movie could be the last, and that Fast X and Fast 11 will form a two-part farewell to the long-running saga. That hasn’t yet been confirmed, but we do know (via Variety) that Louis Letterier (who stepped into direct Fast and Furious 10 at the last minute after Justin Lin left the project) is going to direct Fast and Furious 11. This makes sense, with the two movies being companion pieces.

Having a two-part finale to a franchise is a trend that comes from movies based on booksHarry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games all broke the final book in the series into two movies. Given the phenomenal financial success of the Fast franchise, especially since the seventh movie, it is highly likely that there will be spin-offs, prequels and more. So even if the eleventh movie does end up being a farewell to the Toretto family, we’re likely to have more vroom-vrooming in our future.

“Louis joined the Fast & Furious team seamlessly, with an innate understanding of the franchise that is stronger than ever after two decades. Under his direction, Fast X is a high intensity thriller movie with all the spectacular action, emotion, and twists that the fans have come to expect – and then some,” said Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer. “We are thrilled that he will continue to work his magic in the director’s chair.”

Fast X features an absolutely enormous ensemble cast, with the entire Fast family returning, as well as newcomers Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, and Rita Moreno. Jason Momoa plays the main movie villain, who is seeking revenge for the events of Fast Five.

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