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Encanto fan theory about Bruno’s vision endorsed by director

An Encanto fan theory about a character briefly spotted for a split-second in Bruno's vision has been endorsed by co-director Jared Bush

Bruno in Encanto

Since Encanto was released in November 2021, it has been watched and rewatched on an endless loop by a voracious fanbase. And some people have seen it so many times, they’ve noticed things lurking in the shadows…or a split second freeze-frame – and come up with some elaborate theories.

One such theory, which was recently posed to co-director Jared Bush, is that when Bruno finally shares his vision with Mirabel – at around the one hour and three minute mark, if we’re counting – we see a brief flash of a younger version of Mirabel’s abuela Alma.

His vision depicts a mountain splitting in half, Felix rescuing Antonio from something falling, and the casita cracking behind Mirabel. Mirabel then spots a yellow butterfly, which transforms into the flame on the candle. Bruno says; “I think you’re going to help the candle! There’s someone with you!” And a fan thinks that this is a young version of Alma before Mirabel hugs her, and she turns into Isabela.

Twitter user PoppyDonutt69 asked Bush; “The person that showed up before Isabela, that was young Alma right? Because the shape of the face and the attire she was wearing resembled young Alma the most? Please provide a bit of clarity as to who it was?” And he responded with; “Someone’s paying attention.”

Encanto made over $250 million at the box office, but has found a rabid fanbase on Disney Plus, where it can be endlessly rewatched. “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” also topped the charts, the first time a Disney song had done that since “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, in 1992.

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