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Encanto fans spot Bruno hiding in plain sight early in the movie

Eagle-eyed repeat viewers of Encanto think that they've spotted Bruno hiding in the background early on in the Disney animated movie

Bruno Encanto

The Madrigals, chiefly Abuela Alma, all make questionable and problematic decisions in Encanto, but what’s a family without drama and a good dollop of mess? We Don’t Talk About the fact that the magical family all seem to suspect that Bruno is hiding in the walls of their beloved home for years and choose to ignore him.

Poor Bruno decides to protect Mirabel and goes into hiding, living with his rat friends in the wall. He still misses his family, even trying to join them for family dinners from behind the wall – sob. In fact, Bruno misses his family so much, fans think it is likely that he would occasionally emerge from his hiding place and spy on them.

Some eagle-eyed viewers think they may have spotted Bruno hiding in the background early on in Encanto, which just makes him an even more tragic character. According to ScreenRant, in the scene when the family are preparing for Antonio’s ceremony, and Mirabel enters the house with supplies – fans think they’ve spotted a crouching Bruno on the upstairs balcony.

Obviously this is only something you’d notice if you’d been watching the movie on repeat, but if you live in a house with young children, it’s highly likely that you’ve been doing exactly that. Encanto has become a phenomenon, with the soundtrack breaking records for Disney. Sequels and spin-off series now seem inevitable.

With Oscar-winning success, chart success, and cultural cache across the globe, there must surely be more to come from the Madrigal family. And let’s hope that Bruno actually gets to be part of it this time.

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