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Dwayne Johnson’s mom steals his posters from movie theatres

At CinemaCon, Dwayne Johnson warned employees at Cinemark to be on the lookout for his mother, who likes to steal posters for The Rock's movies

Dwayne Johnson

Mother’s Day is coming up in the US soon, and for many huge movie stars, their Moms are their biggest fans. And there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a Hollywood star take their Mom as their date to a red carpet event such as the Oscars, right? But that doesn’t mean that movie star Moms can’t still be embarrassing, as Dwayne Johnson revealed at – you guessed it – CinemaCon.

Johnson was at the convention to promote his two upcoming (and wildly different) DC movies – Black Adam and The League of Superpets. And when these two movies come out, The Rock’s Mom will be first in line to watch them… and steal the posters.

Speaking to employees from the cinema chain Cinemark, Johnson told them to watch out for the criminal activities of his mother, who frequents a Cinemark in South Florida. “My mom is my biggest fan, loves to go to movies… every time she’ll go see a movie that’s not mine, a lot of times my signage will be in your lobby.”

He continued; “So, there was signage, I think it might have been Moana, and she went to get the manager at Cinemark. She goes, ‘Hi I’m the Rock’s mom.’ They’re like, ‘Hi, welcome.’ She’s like, ‘Can I have that sign?’ By the way, she’s done this multiple times.”

Johnson even claims that the CEO of Disney himself had to get involved to stop Mrs The Rock’s crime spree; “The first time she did this was for Moana. I get the call from Bob Iger, ‘Hey Rock, listen, your mom is stealing signs.'”

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