How to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Gohan and Piccolo are the main heroes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and we've all the details on where you watch the new anime movie

How to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

How do you watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? The Z Fighters are back for another anime movie, and finally – finally – Gohan and Piccolo are the stars of the show. Two decades removed from the Cell Games, we get to see more of Gohan’s potential.

The Dragon Ball Z characters are up against new villains the Gammas, a pair of androids built by – you guessed it – the Red Ribbon Army. Dr Hedo, the grandson of Dr Gero, is the culprit behind these particular models, but they aren’t quite the antagonists you might think going in. Alas, that’s spoiler territory, you’ll have to se it to see what we mean!

For now, how do you watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Is the new big chapter of the anime series going to be streaming, or should you pop down to your multiplex of choice? Put the Dragon Radar away, you won’t need Shenron to answer any wishes. We’ve got all the answers laid out for you, except for what snacks to choose. That’s on you.

How can you watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

You can see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero exclusively in theatres from August 19. Thankfully, the latest adventure movie featuring Goku and the Z Fighters is getting a worldwide release, meaning if you’re in the US or UK, or further abroad, you should be able to find a cinema screening.

You can pre-order tickets now through the official site. Certain larger chains will have subtitled and dubbed showings available, but this varies from cinema to cinema. Always check your local listings before booking anything!

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Can you stream Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Eventually. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a theatrical exclusive for the time-being, to get the most out of this global release. It will reach Crunchyroll, as well as other home media formats, in the months after the cinematic opening.

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When that happens is unknown for now. Crunchyroll doesn’t operate a specific window like Disney does with Disney Plus. Could be just a couple of months, or it could be longer. For now, the most efficient way to see what Gohan and Piccolo are up against is to find a cinema.

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