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Doctor Who specials: The Wrath Warriors explained

The Wrath Warriors might seem like brand new aliens for Doctor Who's special The Star Beast, but there's more to them than meets the eye.

Wrath Warriors in Doctor Who The Star Beast

It’s impossible to list all of the brilliant, iconic species that have been introduced throughout the history of Doctor Who, and now that list includes the Wrath Warriors.

But, despite this being the first time Doctor Who has introduced the Wrath Warriors on TV, they still have a long and surprising history with The Doctor. Here’s everything you need to know about the best sci-fi series’ latest alien creatures, from their past to their present.

What are the Wrath Warriors in Doctor Who?

The Wrath Warriors are an intergalactic police force of tall insectoid warriors who battled with the Meeps after the Meeps killed the galactic council.

They were summoned to bring the Meeps to heel, fighting across the stars in a long and awful war. The Meeps died rather than surrender, leaving only one left: the leader, Beep the Meep. This is the Meep that was followed by the Wrath Warriors as its ship crashed onto Earth’s surface.

Though they looked violent, the Wrath Warriors were using stun guns in their attempts to capture the fugitive Beep the Meep because they were trying to take the creature alive in order to imprison it for its crimes. Eventually, with the help of The Doctor (and after the death of some Wrath Warrior soldiers), they successfully apprehended Beep the Meep.

The origins of Doctor Who’s Wrath Warriors

The Wrath Warriors were introduced in the 1980 comic strip Doctor Who and the Star Beast, which The Star Beast is based on. It’s a nearly 1:1 adaptation, and the Wrath Warriors are essentially identical in both forms.

They’ve also been referenced in some audio dramas, but this is their first introduction in canon, and they really make an impression. They’re brilliantly designed, distinctive, and memorable, and we’d love to see more of them.

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